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The reading ends when he thanks the audience. 44 Around the same time, he published a four-page leaflet which commented passages of the Gospels without reference to Spiritism. 113 According to him, it is possible that Antoine was influenced by Doukhobors. Jeanfils explained to the court that he just wanted to do disappear the pain, and that he always sent his patients to doctors. 65 In the context of legal proceedings for the worship registration, secretary of the Antoinist committee Deregnaucourt wrote to the Minister of the Interior on to the Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs on 66 A petition of 160,000 signatures to demand official recognition. 24 Influence by Spiritism edit Though young, Antoine showed great piety, 25 which the historian Pierre Debouxhtay described as a "devotion of a rather scrupulous formalism". Syzygy, Center for Academic Publication (in French). There are also dresses for young people of both sexes, but they are never actually worn. "Les Mutations de la représentation du divin au sein d'un groupe à vocation thérapeutique, Le cas de l'antoinisme". Le Petit Parisien (in French). In Belgium, Joseph Nihoul, the President of the Antoinist Council, then his successors, led the religion until their death, alongside the members of this body. "Science Chrétienne et Antoinisme: Deux groupes religieux minoritaires". Convocations thérapeutiques du sacré (in French). 147 Membership edit There are four categories of Antoinists: desservants who perform worship, people who wear the religious clothing, regular faithful who attend the service every week, and occasional members or visitors. Delville and the parents of a child cured by Antoine testified at the witness box,. He distributed remedies learned from Spiritism and advocated vegetarianism, as well as temperance and avoidance of fatty foods. 194 As it disapproved that the group of Antoine turned away from Spiritism, journals from Spiritist circles criticized Antoinism in its beginnings, 50 and the president of the Belgian Federation of Spiritist (Fédération spirite de Belgique) Chevalier Clement Saint-Marcq considered the religion as one. Les samedi 5 et dimanche 6 avril de 10h à 18h - randan (F) de Champs la rivière à Cabiac sur terre participation au Salon du Livre et de la Chanson La Chanson des Livres -.38 Mars le samedi 22 mars à 20h30 - AIX-EN-provence. 82 The harm caused by disease and by people is seen as a beneficial cure, as the pain can increase one's spiritual progress and thus contribute to one's salvation. 14 After marrying Jeanne Catherine Collon on, 15 while he was a hammerer, 12 he became the father of a son, Louis Martin Joseph, born in Hamborn, Prussia on 23 September 1873, and baptized five days later in the Catholic Church. 220 According to Bégot, the group is a "cult" in the sociological language (not to be confused with the pejorative word " cult characterized by a mystical experience, a break with the dominant religious tradition, and primacy of the individual on social issues; it has. Estella: Editorial Verbo Divino. Thus, after the death of Catherine, there were two forms of Antoinism, which still remain different today: one in Belgium, and one in France. Vendredi 10 août : Iles de la Madeleine - Café de la Grave. Antoine le guérisseur et l'Antoinisme (in French). qc rencontre seraing