She smiles, leans back and puffs on her pipe. As tourstart is just 30 days away, it's time to start the engine again for the band. I'll keep you posted! He curses his rotten luck as he walks back in the direction of home. I have a hot tip for you. And here's the setlist from today's rehearsals (day #10 thx to rockerparis! Click To Tweet, this is the story of how the world ends. Also, if you want to vote for the song you want the Stones to play in Abu Dhabi, you can cast your vote at - any song counts! I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received. Then, we have, who at least stress the fact, that nothing is know officially yet, but they repeat the rumours already know. Apart from some last minute production releases, the shows were sold out immediately. Today added: a pic by Bernard Fowler showing the balcony at the rehearsal-gig for the fans (Thanks for posting, Bernard!) and a video snip from the rehearsals in Paris: "She's So Cold" : February 16 - French fan report form the rehearsals gig If you. " Keith Lets keep this show on the road - the band are in top form so Im really looking forward to getting back to Europe.

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What mischief are they up to? Encores: You Cant Always Get What You Want (with the Chung Chi choir of the Chinese University of Hong Kong) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) Goodnight everybody! We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. Although the setlist was similar to their Japanese shows, they executed each song with more enthusiasm than I have heard from them in a long time. After Auckland, the band will take some rest in April, and possibly start rehearsing again in May with european dates following in June and July. I've had a lot of custard tarts. As you can read at, Jan expects to know whether the Stones play Pinkpop or not within the next two days. Pinkpop and Werchter: Tickets this Saturday! Did he want her to stay? Outside, the wind blows, the gusts cut through his jacket. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Tumbling Dice thx iorr Dead Flowers Ruby Tuesday We've got a request song now, the winner tonight was street fighting MAN. Folks, this is definitely one of the best news we still can enjoy: The Rolling Stones are touring and will continue to do so!

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Paris Match already boasts witha noteice saying that the club gig could be today but they don't know where: " Selon France Culture, les Rolling Stones vont donner ce lundi soir, 10 février, un concert surprise dans une salle parisienne encore non précisée. He drinks, savoring the mossy flavor. It was rehearsed several times during the rehearsals in February and so, quite nicely found it's way in the setlist of the third gig of this tour. Keith: It's great to be here, what a great crowd! This one's called: Doom Gloom So tonight we put a few songs up online for you to vote for the one we're gonna play is Get Off Of My Cloud Honky Tonk Women Alright Macau! It begins and ends with James, who walks along the narrow empty streets of Refuge, the last city on earth.