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NetLogo.0.4 User Manual - Northwestern University NetLogo.0.4 User Manual: NetLogo Dictionary NetLogo is a programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena. It was authored by Uri Wilensky in 1999 and has been in continuous development ever since at the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling. La qualité de référence de la bande-son et l excellent rendu de la vidéo vous aideront à vous dépasser et à être satisfaits de ce que vous avez vu, et à vous présenter comme les interprètes du rôle principal de la vidéo pornographique. Reports a number in the range 0 to 140, not including 140 itself, that represents the given color, specified in the HSB spectrum,. NetLogo s color space. NetLogo an introduction - University of Ljubljana The first value (hue) should be in the range of 0 to 360, the second and third (saturation and brightness) in the range between 0 and 100. Interface to use and access. NetLogo (Wilensky 1999) from Python. One can interact with.

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Show extract-hsb cyan 180.143.863 show extract-hsb red.103.93.314 show extract-hsb 255 0 0 See also approximate-hsb, approximate-rgb, extract-rgb. Show shuffle show shuffle sin1.0 sin number Reports the sine of the given angle. Every1.0 every number commands Runs the given commands only if it's been more than number seconds since the last time this agent ran them in this context. If list has a single item, that item is reported. Calling hubnet-send-follow will alter the highlight created by prior calls to hubnet-send-watch, highlighting the followed agent instead. netlogo doc douai User-message (word "There are " count turtles " turtles. Hubnet-message-source1.1 hubnet-message-source Reports the name of the client that sent the message retrieved by hubnet-fetch-message. Clear-output1.0 clear-output Clears all text from the model's output area, if it has one. If the input contains at least one number, the numbers in the list are sorted in ascending order and a new list reported; non-numbers are ignored. Value Reports true if value is of the given type, false otherwise. Subsequent plotting commands will affect the current plot. Clear-all-plots1.0 clear-all-plots Clears every plot in the model. The reporter may report a different value for different agents, so some agents may run commands and others don't.

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Show sum count turtles-here of neighbors ; prints the total number of turtles on the eight ; patches around this turtle or patch show count turtles-on neighbors ; a shorter way to say the same thing ask neighbors4 set pcolor red ; turns the four. Myself can be used within blocks of code not just in the ask command, but also hatch, sprout, of, with, all?, with-min, with-max, min-one-of, max-one-of, min-n-of, max-n-of. If places is negative, the rounding takes place to the left of the decimal point. The resulting patch colors may be distorted, since the NetLogo color space does not include all possible colors. Show variance.7 wait1.0 wait number Wait the given number of seconds.

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If the create- breeds form is used, the new turtles are created as members of the given breed. Ask patch 3 -4 set pcolor green ; patch with pxcor of 3 and pycor of -4 turns green show patch.2.7 ; prints (patch 1 4 note rounding show patch 18 19 ; supposing min-pxcor and min-pycor are -17 ; and max-pxcor and. It holds a string that is the name of the turtle or link's current shape. (For turtles or links that do not have any particular breed, this is the turtles agentset of all turtles or the links agentset of all links respectively.) You can set this variable to change a turtle or link's breed. Hsb1.0 hsb hue saturation brightness Reports a RGB list when given three numbers describing an HSB color. If the input is a list, the sort is stable, that is, the order of items considered equal by the reporter is not disturbed. Thus, ; each patch gets 1/4 of 50 of the chemical ; from each neighboring patch.) directed-link-breed directed-link-breed link-breeds link-breed This keyword, like the globals and breeds keywords, can only be used at the beginning of the Code tab, before any procedure definitions. However, compiled bits of code are cached by NetLogo and thus using run on the same string over and over is much faster than running different strings. Extract-rgb1.0 extract-rgb color Reports a list of three values in the range 0 to 255 representing the levels of red, green, and blue, respectively, of the given NetLogo color in the range 0 to 140, not including 140 itself. The inputs may be individual turtles, turtle agentsets, nobody, or lists (or nested lists) containing any of the above. Import-drawing3.0 import-drawing filename Reads an image file into the drawing, scaling it to the size of the world, while retaining the original aspect facebook site de rencontre et lieux gay en france la tour de peilz ratio of the image. See the User Interaction Primitives section of the Programming Guide for additional details. File-close file-close-all file-delete file-exists? Number should be between 0 and. You may want to use the face command first to orient the turtle in the direction of motion. For example, with wrapping turned on in both dimensions and the default world size where min-pxcor -16, max-pxcor 16, min-pycor -16 and max-pycor 16, asking a turtle to setxy 17 17 will move it to the center of patch (-16, -16). Few models will want to use this primitive, because all temporary pens disappear when clear-plot or clear-all-plots are called. If the dead agent was a turtle, every link connected to it also dies. Txt" ask turtles file-write xcor file-write ycor See also file-print, file-show, file-type, and Output (programming guide). The turtles immediately run commands. Reports true if auto-plotting is on for the current plot, false otherwise. If number is negative, reports a random floating point number less than or equal to 0, but strictly greater than number. It holds the width of the line, in pixels, that the turtle will draw (or erase) when the pen is down (or erasing).